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Audium Call Services 3.6 (24)
Articles regarding Audium Call Services 3.6.x
Audium OpenSDK (71)
Articles regarding the Audium Java and XML over HTTP APIs
Audium Studio 5.2 (14)
Articles regarding Audium Studio 5.2
Previous Audium Software Versions (216)
Articles regarding previous versions of Audium software
Step-by-step debugging tips (15)
Step-by-step instructions to help debug problems in Audium software
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  5. How licensing and software activation works in Audium Studio 5
New Or Recently Updated Articles
  1. Considerations when using VoiceXML Insert elements under OSB (November 21, 2013)
  2. How to create a JNDI database connection in Tomcat for use in Audium applications (August 14, 2013)
  3. The logs show an error.badfetch error (July 08, 2013)
  4. How can I change the username and password used to access the Software Activation Console? (June 03, 2012)
  5. How to test Hotlinks using a web browser (February 04, 2012)
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  2. JNDI
  3. test in a web browser
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